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SculptHouse® is where you come to sculpt the physique you want using the most sophisticated human-powered machines on the market. We believe that you have the power to transform your body, so none of our equipment relies on electricity.

Here, you will find the inspiration and power to achieve your unique body goals. Ideal for all body types and every step of your fitness journey, our intimate class size ensures you receive individual attention from one of our expert instructors – empowering to you maximize your 50-minute workout. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a recent mom working to get back in shape or you simply want to maintain your health, SculptHouse® will help you elevate your personal fitness.


    Get long, lean muscles with Megaformer™ stability training. Utilizing a spring system that allows for a full range of motion with resistance and counter-resistance, the Megaformer targets every inch of your body with slow and controlled movements that strengthen and lengthen muscles. And you power every movement. Jumpstart your metabolism, increase your flexibility and improve your posture with the Megaformer – all with very little stress on your joints.


    Ready to get your heart pumping? Craving a little extra cardio? No buttons or motors – completely powered by human motion – the NFL-endorsed Woodway® Curve is unlike any other treadmill you’ve ever used. Control your pace with the patented curved running surface and nearly frictionless slat belt system, a combination that engages more muscle groups – and burns 30% more calories – than traditional treadmills. The most low-impact cardio machine invented.

Speeds on the Curve are defined by "levels" of exertion to allow you to customize your workout based on your ability and needs so whether you are walking or running, you're taking steps to reach your goal.


CardioSculpt™ is our signature workout. Combining 25 minutes of cardio blocks on the Woodway Curve treadmill with 25 minutes of Megaformer strength training, this cutting-edge workout produces maximum results. We are the World's 1st studio to combine Megaformer + Treadmill

  • 360
  • Total Body
  • An emphasis on exercises that challenge the upper and lower body simultaneously
  • Up
  • Strength and cardio with a focus on muscles from the core up
  • Down
  • Strength and cardio with a focus on muscles from the core down


StrengthSculpt uses the Megaformer to deliver endurance, cardio, core, balance, and flexibility training with each and every move. Burn fat, kick-start your metabolism, and improve postural alignment with this this workout – easily modified to suit your specific needs with variable resistance settings.

Private one-on-one and small group training available upon request. Please email for rates and information.