Member Spotlight: Jon Glass

SculptHouse member, Jon Glass, has lost 35 pounds over the past year by making big lifestyle changes and incorporating the SculptHouse method into his workout routine!! The proof is in the results and we want you to hear from him directly. Jon was helping us perfect the SH method in our early days of training exactly one year ago and we can’t thank him enough for all he has done for us (including building our studio cubbies!). We are so excited to bring you his story – meet, Jon Glass:

How did you hear about SculptHouse?

I heard about SculptHouse through Megan Armstrong, the Creative Director and Lead Trainer. I had started training with Megan to lose weight and get in shape when she became a personal trainer a year and a half ago. I was working out with her when she accepted the SculptHouse job and I was certainly intrigued so she took me in to their training space last year and needless to say I got my butt kicked the first time I tried it, but loved it.

It’s no secret that you have really shaped up and your body has totally changed over the past year and a half…how has the SculptHouse method played a part in your transformation?

The SculptHouse method has without question played a major role in how my body has changed. The combination of the Megaformer and the Woodway Curve is deadly and winning! The Megaformer has allowed me to work slow twitch muscles which helped me effectively burn fat and create long lasting lean muscle. The Woodway Curve blocks provide an intense cardio workout that burns 30% more calories on a human powered treadmill. Having to pull almost 80 pounds with each step pushes the body even more than a normal treadmill. I’ve also found that after training on the curve that I can run faster and longer on a regular treadmill or outside. Every SculptHouse class leaves me covered in sweat and tired but wanting more especially when you can start feeling the positive effects after just your first class. I’ve been able to burn quite a bit of fat, create lean muscle mass and really get into cardio shape. Now exercising almost daily is part of my routine and has become a bit of an (healthy!) addiction. The SculptHouse method also has taught me to move slower and more intentionally even when exercising outside of the House.

What would you tell another guy interested in trying SculptHouse but thinking “it’s just for women?”

Try it! Don’t put it down or judge it until you man-up and step into the House! SH is absolutely not just for women, it’s for men both young and old and it’s no joke. Guys can experience real changes of their strength and bodies with SculptHouse, as each workout has variations and ways to continue to challenge and push harder.

How is SculptHouse different from other group classes you’ve tried?

SH is like no other class, a few members call it “death by machine” but the truth is that the pain may be temporary but the results are real and worth it. CardioSculpt & StrengthSculpt both provide temporary pain for long lasting results. Classes are very focused and well led. The class size is small and intimate which means that participants get a lot of personal attention and motivation. This helps to ensure that they get the most of their workout while using proper form and techniques so their bodies are protected. The squad of instructors that Katherine & Megan have assembled are also second to none. All have been extensively trained and re-trained so they can be the best!

You travel A LOT for your job. How do you stay on track when you’re on the road?

Staying on track while on the road is not the easiest endeavor – actually traveling a lot is one of the easiest ways to get off track. While traveling, it’s important to continue to exercise and eat well. Eating well and with portion control is hard but with good discipline and after time becomes easy and you begin to crave healthy eating. Exercising while on the road is also important, this is just as hard. While on the road it’s hard to create consistent routine to exercise so the challenge is carving out the time as you plan your days. Often it requires getting up earlier to get a workout in before the day gets started or even exercising in the evening. Of course, not every city has a SculptHouse or great boutique studios therefore I’ve had to use techniques and theories from SculptHouse to exercise. For example, if a hotel has a treadmill you can put yourself through SH cardio blocks (while maybe adding a few in). Also when in new cities one great way to explore and learn a city is map a running route from your hotel or wherever you’re staying. MindBody and google are also great resources for searching and finding studios that may offer training of some kind in multiple cities. Many studios offer a first class free or at a discounted rate so you can try new workouts. Honestly though, having spent so much time with the well trained team at SculptHouse, I’ve found myself critiquing and comparing other studios to SH. SH is still far and above just about anything out there. Another technique is to purchase some exercise bands for cheap as they are easy to travel with in an effort to perform some basic exercises and continue to stretch. (Just make sure you go slow).

What is your favorite M3 move? Favorite Curve block?

“Favorite” move is an odd phrase! All the moves are brutal so it’s hard to have a favorite but if I had to pick one that I think is most effective, it’d be the reverse side crunch with an inchworm. My favorite curve block is 60 builds without question. Usually by the third one, I want to stop but you aren’t done so it’s time to find that extra energy and keep pushing.

Ever shop in the boutique?

I do occasionally shop in the boutique, not to the extent that most of the ladies do, but they have men’s wear as well. The Rhone line is really great. The clothes are lightweight, breathable and most importantly very comfortable plus they really hold up and last to be worn while working out or just around town.

Anything else you want to add?

Getting in shape takes more than just showing up to workout. The SculptHouse method is incredibly effective when that’s your goal, but it’s also important to get educated on what you need to do outside of the studio. It takes discipline, good eating, portion control and holistically taking care of yourself. The instructors and team at SculptHouse are all incredibly knowledgeable and well versed in how to treat your body when you’re not getting worked at the House!

Thanks Jon for all you do for us at the House and the energy you bring each time you show up – even if it is 6am!! Look for Jon in the early morning classes and weekends…. he’s a great person to be next to if you are newer especially.

The SculptSquad

Trainer Spotlight: Lindsey McClellan

This month we are sitting down with the one and only Lindsey McClellan! We call her Linds and she absolutely lights up any room she enters. But don’t let her charm and gorgeous smile fool you…she will kick your butt as soon as that music and class start! We love Lindsey because she is so positive and supportive in and outside of the studio. She can take your bad day and turn it right around while forgetting about the outside world for an entire 50 minutes. Meet Lindsey:

You have taught other types of group fitness classes here in Atlanta. What makes SculptHouse’s workout so different and effective?
I love the combination of cardiovascular conditioning and strength training. The SH method is a great combination of HIIT on the Woodway Curve that keeps my heart rate in an optimal fat burning zone and strength training on the M3. What makes SH different is half of the class is focused on getting the heart rate up on the curve while the other half is on the M3 stretching, lengthening and toning those hard to target areas I struggle with most.

What is your favorite type of music to play during your classes at The House?
I love me some EDM/Dance, rock, hip-hop and pop. I am big on remixes and love anything Matoma.

What is your favorite Megaformer move and why?
Any of our oblique exercises I absolutely love…especially a member favorite – twisted bear. This move is one where you can just feel your obliques getting tighter.

What is your favorite block to do on the Curve?
Give me 60 – builds any day on the curve and it’s a good day for me. This one is my favorite because you hit each level. You’re at level 2 for 20 seconds, level 3 for 20 seconds and then level 4 for 20 seconds followed by a level 1 for 60 seconds in between. It is a great feeling to get your heart rate up knowing you can walk it out for a minute before repeating that sequence – twice.

At the House, each instructor has a bin to keep whatever they need to teach. What’s in your bin? What’s in your gym bag when you work out?
There is nothing exciting about what you will find in my bin and gym bag. In my bin you will only find extra workouts and my microphone screens and in my gym bag the clothes and shoes I am going to work out in, maybe a protein bar and headphones. I probably should get more creative with these things but just essentials for me. ☺

Where can we find you when you’re not at The House?
You can find me at Buckhead Church, spending time with my amazing husband, Jonathan, hanging out with dear friends, on a run or curled up reading a good book!

Best part about being part of the SculptSquad?
Without a doubt the clients and the amazing women I get to work with! What an honor to have a team of trainers that I can call friends and clients who have become friends. Katherine and Megan have created an environment that is full of comradely, laughter and motivation to be the best we can be. I love that I get to walk into a place encouraging others to be the best version of themselves they can be. I like reminding them that they have 50 minutes to tune everything out and focus on what they want to accomplish not to mention they are changing their bodies. It has been a privilege to be a part of this amazing team and grateful for the clients who make it possible for SculptHouse to be what it is.

You can catch Lindsey on Tuesday nights at 5:45pm, Wednesday mornings at 7:15 & 8:30am, sweaty Saturdays at 8am and starting on October 14th – Fridays at 6am!

Thanks Linds, we love you!

The SculptSquad