Member Spotlight: Louis Polonsky

Meet Louis Polonsky! He is one of SculptHouse’s newer members and although he is new to the workout, he is a seasoned athlete and lover of all things fitness. He is proof that SculptHouse is for people of all ages, abilities and for guys, too!

How did you find SculptHouse?

In addition to triathlon training, I’m very active in group fitness classes (yoga, spin, weight training, and, at times, even barre) in Atlanta, and had heard about SculptHouse through some of my workout buddies, so it was natural to try it out … and voila, here I am, and am so pleased with my decision to “take it to the House.”

You seem to really like the Megaformer but haven’t used the Woodway curve treadmill yet. Why do you prefer the StrengthSculpt classes?

I get plenty of cardio 3 or 4 days a week in spin classes, outdoor cycling, on the stair climber and with floor exercises such as burpees and mountain climbers … plus, I’m totally in love (OK, in a weird way) with the Megaformer, that I don’t (as yet) want to give up that full 50 minutes of pleasure (so to speak) … and, the results have been very noticeable, so why change? … but, the Woodway curve treadmill will be on my “to do” list very soon!!

How is the Megaformer (Lagree method) different from anything else you’ve done?

The Megaformer is one of the hardest and most rewarding workouts that I’ve ever done. The Megaformer elongates and stretches my muscles, strengthens my core and improves my balance (critical for all ages, but especially as you get older) like no other workout I’ve ever had.

What are the biggest changes you have seen since adding SculptHouse in to your workout regimen?

In addition to being stronger since I’ve started working out at SculptHouse, my muscles are leaner and more defined … plus, although my weight loss has been minimal, I’ve redistributed certain areas of my weight in a very good way … and I’m much stronger in my abs and my balance is much better (which I especially notice either while doing balancing poses in a yoga class or while in “triathlon” position for long rides on my bike).

Besides the actual workout, what keeps you coming back to The House?

I very much enjoy the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the SculptHouse instructors and front desk personnel, and the studio is pristinely clean.

What’s your favorite move on the M3 or favorite body part to work?

That’s a tricky question! Similar to a yoga class, the moves that are the easiest (for me, upper body work on the Megaformer) are usually our “favorites” … but, the moves on the Megaformer that are often the hardest for me (such as plans into pike position with my feet on the carriage while trying to keep the carriage still – yikes!, slowly extending the carriage out with a planted foot while the toes of the other foot are on the back platform, or holding squats and trying to keep the carriage still and then gently pushing the carriage out while trying to maintain my balance) give me the most satisfaction as I get better in doing them.

Would you say SculptHouse is a place for all ages, shapes and sizes?

Yes, absolutely! With the expert and confidence-building guidance from the wonderful instructors at SculptHouse, all ages and fitness levels can eventually become comfortable in this workout regimen. Yes, the Megaformer can indeed be a bit intimidating at first, but if you take it slowly and put a lot of stick-with-itness into your workout, anyone (not just those at the higher fitness levels) can do it … it all comes down to how much you want it (“it” being a healthier and more productive body that will definitely enhance your enjoyment of life).

Anything else you’d like to add?

Although I’m 65+, have certain injuries and physical limitations, and recovery from vigorous workouts (such as at SculptHouse) is a continuing issue for me, I strongly believe that physical fitness is often a question of mind over matter … and SculptHouse does indeed challenge me to the limits of both my mind and body, and makes me realize that if I want it badly enough, SculptHouse can make “it” available to me … and the results are extremely rewarding … I say try SculptHouse, and, if you are patient and persistent, it could change you forever.

Louis you are such a badass and we love having you at the House!! You are an inspiration to US and we are honored to be a part of the changes you are seeing both physically and mentally after adding SculptHouse into your mix!

The SculptSquad