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Meet SculptHouse Sandy Springs Lead Trainer: Laura Pound

Posted by Katherine Mason on May 14, 2018

How did you get into teaching fitness? 

I began my journey of teaching fitness about 4 and a half years ago when I started teaching Barre classes. I fell in love immediately! Teaching fitness has been an amazing experience – meeting so many amazing people, learning their goals and fears of getting back into exercise and being there to coach them along the way is incredibly fulfilling.  The Atlanta Fitness community is a special group is people and I am proud to stand beside them.  I’ve grown and learned so much over the past few years. Each experience has helped mold me into the type of instructor, trainer and coach that I am today.


What is it about the SculptHouse method that made you want to be the one to help bring it to Sandy Springs and how is it different than anything else you’ve taught?

I grew up a runner, played soccer and danced as well. The SculptHouse method offers the same mental and physical awareness as these sports and allows me to tap into my inner athlete.  I love that SculptHouse offers the mindful movement component paired with the rush of cardio.  The SculptHouse workout can apply everyone. Whether people are looking to reach a specific goal, branch out and try something new, are rehabbing injuries or coming back post baby – the workout allows you to push yourself every day.  Finding new ways to challenge the mind and body and reach further to find and achieve personal goals using two unique pieces of equipment in one workout sets SculptHouse apart from all other group classes.


What’s your favorite Megaformer move?

Reverse Curtsy!  I love how this move blends together the core focus, lower body burn and alignment principles.  I always feel my entire working leg burning and my core engaged to balance and stabilize my body.


Favorite Curve block?  

My favorite Curve block is called 2 – 3 – 4’s UP: Simple yet challenging! I love the gradual build in Levels and Time.  It takes me back to my race days of building my speed for the last mile to the finish line.


What’s in your gym bag?

– Laptop

– Toms Lavender Deodorant

– Erin Condren Planner and always a Pencil

– Hair Brush

– Buxom Lip

– Hand Sanitizer

– Grip Sox

– Water bottle

– Burts Bees Face Wipes


How do you balance work, life and fun? 

One thing for certain about me is that I am a planner and like for things to be organized!  I like to keep everything I do written down in my planner. This allows me take a step back when I need to enjoy a night in with my husband, Daniel and the pups, or a night for just me or gals night with a cheese board and wine!


Where can we find you when you’re not in the studio?

If I’m not at the studio, I can be found at home with Daniel and the pups (Stella and Gypsy), enjoying a girls night, or watching a cheesy scary movie!


What are you looking forward to the most as the new Sandy Springs Lead Trainer?!

I took my first SculptHouse class soon after I was released to run post hip surgery.  Going in to class that morning was a feeling that we all know too well being a “new client” to a fitness class.  Thoughts of: Am I going to be able to run fast enough? Will I look silly on the M3? What if I can’t do something? However, I was greeted with open arms.  I ran the best I could and tried my best class.  Class felt AMAZING and I felt accomplished.  When I started training as an instructor at SculptHouse, the same insecurities crossed my mind:  What if I am not good at teaching the SculptHouse Method?  What if people don’t like me? After getting a few class under my belt I knew I was exactly where I needed to be.


I’m so excited to lead a new group of trainers to finding their instructor voice at SulptHouse and look forward to motivating a new community to embrace their journey towards fitness and all we have to offer!