Member Spotlight: Hailey Dray

Hailey Dray literally lights up the studio the moment she walks in. She has the brightest smile and such a loving heart but when she gets on the M3 and the Curve, she’s all business! Hailey gives 110% during each and every class and we want to share her story!

How long have you been coming to SH and how often?

I’ve been coming to SH for about seven or eight glorious months. I started out coming two or three times a week, and worked my way up to coming six days a week.

How is the SculptHouse method different than other group classes you’ve tried?

SculptHouse slays the fitness game.

I’ve never been much of a “class girl” for many reasons. The biggest reason is probably that fact that there hasn’t been enough bang per buck for most of the classes I’ve tried… coupled with the fact that I had this false sense of self-discipline thinking I could work out harder on my own.

SH stripped me of every misconception I’ve held about classes down to every last detail. The CardioSculpt classes allowed me to get my strength and cardio done in about an hour. The combination of the high intensity interval training on the Curve and the slow-twitch muscle-building that lengthens and tones on the Megaformer crushes any workout I’ve tried.

On top of being a killer, fun workout, the mental strength that the SculptHouse method and the trainers teach you is unrivaled. While there are other people in the class, I never feel like I’m getting lost in the crowd. I feel as though I’m being personally trained, motivated and encouraged.

These incredibly strong, inspiring, kind, hilarious women have a contagious energy. They’ve ingrained the words “yes you can” into my brain that has translated to other aspects of my life beyond fitness.

How has your body changed?

I’m 99% sure I laughed when I saw a couple of the moves the trainers were teaching me to do when I first started. My reverse catfish looked more like a dead fish, and my cobra resembled a struggling sloth. I was also one of the least flexible people I knew before training at SH.

It hasn’t gotten easier necessarily, but I’ve gotten much stronger. That’s the awesome part—you can master the form, but you can always make it harder by going a little bit slower on the Megaformer, stretch a little bit deeper, or run faster on the curve.

I’m still learning, growing and sculpting my body, but I’ve never felt stronger, faster, or more motivated.

What’s your favorite M3 move? Favorite Curve block? Music?

M3: Teaser to a twisted bear (oblique killer)

Curve: Last block level 4 – 20s. It’s a chance to grow mentally, and give it everything I’ve got left in the tank.

Music: It’s all incredible. You can’t help but to feel like a badass going at your top speed on the Curve to Ali Bomaye or Lose Yourself.

What would you tell someone who is hesitant to try this new type of workout?

I was hesitant too… and now look how hard I’m nerding out about SH.

Every bit of it is worth it. The trainers, the methods, the inviting atmosphere, the music, the results. I never thought I would find a class like this—the hype is real.

Meg took me under her wing when I first started, and she, along with the other trainers have changed my mindset for workouts. Get to know a trainer or ask someone taking the class about their SH experience—it’s so refreshing to see people’s kindness and passion, and you’ll quickly feel right at home. You’ll form new friendships and feel a part of something, while shaping yourself along the way.

What’s your favorite thing about the House and the SculptSquad?

I love this question because I know I speak for many when I answer this. My favorite part about the House and the SculptSquad is that feeling of comradery that uplifts, empowers and motivates me.

Every time I walk through the door for class, I feel like I’m back in high school walking into lacrosse practice. We’re a tight-knit team at SculptHouse and we love the SH game.

I’m not sure when I started saying “We” when referring to the SculptSquad, but that’s the beauty of it. There’s a huge sense of belonging—whether it’s a “we’re in this together” warm smile you get when gearing up for sprints, or one of the high fives thrown around after class—you feel motivated and connected…all while strengthening your mind and body. It’s pretty epic. So are the results.

It’s no secret that Kale Me Crazy is your favorite post workout spot! What’s your “go-to” at KMC?

Ahhh… guilty as charged. My go-to is the Recharge. Every time. Half a banana. Or an avocado if I’m feeling snazzy.

Anything else you want to add?

I’m grateful for everyone who works at SH, and for all the people that go and encourage each other. I’m banking on it being in Dallas, Austin, NYC, and all the places I love soon… so………….. just saying. Let’s throw Nantucket on that list too.

Thanks Hails for supporting SculptHouse and believing in us from the beginning! People like you, really make the SculptSquad what it is!

With Love,
The SculptSquad

Member Spotlight: Pete Chambers

SculptHouse wants you to meet Pete Chambers! Pete has been a huge part of SculptHouse’s growth since before we even opened. We can’t thank him enough for his continued support and spreading the word to the ATLFit community about the House! Meet Pete:

How did you hear about SculptHouse?
The Lead Trainer, Megan has been one of my favorite instructors for the past several years in other fitness classes.  So three or four months before even opening, she contacted me about SculptHouse; and said “Pete, you are going to LOVE this workout.”.  Boy was she right!  From the moment I started doing the pre-opening/mock classes, I was hooked.
What would you tell another guy looking to try SculptHouse?
That this is by far THE MOST challenging workout or class I have ever done; and is THE BEST core work you can do, period!  I’ve brought several buddies of mine who are in incredible shape to try a class.  They all loved it, and said it was an incredibly tough workout and the best core work they have ever done.  So don’t think that SculptHouse is just for women!  It will challenge and push you to the limit . . . but you WILL see the results you want, if you stick with it.

How is the SH workout different from other group classes you’ve done?
First, the Megaformer is different from any other piece of equipment I have ever worked on.  It forces you to isolate the muscle(s) you are supposed to be working and minimizes your ability to “cheat”.  The number of movements and different parts of the body you can work on the Megaformer are endless.  Second, the cardio portion on the Curve treadmill is incredible!  The combination of Megaformer and Curve is a perfect workout . . . in only 50 minutes.  Third, the chic studio, music, great energy, and beautiful instructors make SculptHouse a VERY unique place.   

What is your favorite move(s) on the Megaformer? Favorite Curve block?
I love ALL of the core and oblique moves on the Megaformer, so it’s hard to pick just one, because they are all killer!  But “French Twist” is probably one of my favorites.  I have a definite love/hate relationship with the Curve . . . hate it while I’m on it, but LOVE it when I’m done.  The final block is my favorite with the 45 builds. 
What physical changes have you noticed the most?
The shaping, toning and strength to my entire core (not just abs, but the entire core area) have been amazing!  I feel stronger everywhere, because I have strengthened my core area so much!  Also I have noticed huge changes in my legs, both in tone and strength. 
How often to you visit the House?
At least 4 times per week minimum, but on the average 5 times per week.
Can you tell us a little bit more about your exercise experience throughout your life and how the SH workout has been accessible even while recovering from any injuries? And also, do you think this workout can be for anyone of any age?
Even though this is an intense workout . . . don’t be scared to try it! SculptHouse is for anyone and everyone.  I’m in my late 50’s, and I’ve had three back surgeries, one torn rotator cuff, one dislocated shoulder, one completely shattered wrist and permanent sciatic nerve damage in my left leg . . . yet I can still do SculptHouse and achieve great results.  So if I can do it, anyone can! You just have to be willing to try, to push yourself and to take that first step!  SculptHouse is exactly what the Atlanta fitness community has needed!  It is a unique workout that provides definite results if you do it right and stick with it.  It is NOT easy!  But the results are rewarding! 

Pete is right…you have to find a workout that works for you and stick with it! We are so happy to have Pete at the House several days a week in both formats: CardioSculpt and StrengthSculpt classes. Thanks Pete!

The SculptSquad

Member Spotlight: Ashleigh Overly

SculptHouse would like to introduce you to Ashleigh Overly! Ashleigh has been a member since day one and she brightens up the studio on a daily basis! She always finds time each week to fit in StrengthSculpt and CardioSculpt classes whether it’s early morning 6am classes, late night or even 8am on Saturdays. Ashleigh’s dedication and consistency is paying off with results and we want you to hear from her first hand:

How did you hear about SculptHouse?
I started noticing several instructors that I really liked & fellow fitness aficionados posting on social media about a new concept that was being developed in Buckhead. I kept my eye on their Instagram and Facebook posts and knew I had to try it out as soon as it opened.

How is SculptHouse different than any other workout?
The combination of the M3 strength training and the self powered Curve provides for a really unique and joint friendly (!!!!) workout. I also love that it is broken into consumable blocks – 25 minutes on each apparatus and then on the Curves, 4 blocks of 5 minutes. Dividing the workout into those sections helps me power through on those days where I’m lacking a little motivation…

The community that has developed there is the best. I love the crew that has assembled in the 6am and the Saturday 8am classes. You get to know everyone and cheer on their success in class and in life. Plus it gives some accountability – I know Jon G will be giving me a hard time if I say I’ll be in class at 6am and then hit the $25 snooze button.

What results have you seen? How often do you go?
The core strength that you develop from the M3 is absolutely insane. I can see it impact my ability to do moves on the megaformer – all those dreaded bear plank to pike wheelbarrow combos eventually become a little less daunting. The improved core and oblique strength has helped reduce a lot of back pain and helped my running stride and posture as well.

In my best laid plans I’d get to the House 5 times a week but life happens and I’m usually there 4 days per week; three CardioSculpt classes and at least one StrengthSculpt class.

What is your favorite Megaformer move and why?
I love pretty much anything that involves arms and upper body – serve the platter, chest openers, kneeling overhead tricep press.

Anything involving a bear that dances is sure to get a dirty look shot at the instructor – we need SculptHouse shirts that say “sorry for the mean things I thought about you when we were in giant reverse twisted bear!”

Favorite Curve block?
Active recovery.

Just kidding – 60 second builds are easily my favorite interval and speed block and the best way to get my heart rate juiced.

What would you say to someone who is nervous to try their first class?
Come give it a try! Know that it will be humbling and overwhelming until you get a few classes under your belt and can learn the moves. Commit to yourself to going at least twice to really experience the class and come in with an open mind. Know that when you find yourself improving and doing moves you couldn’t do before you’ll feel like you can take over the world. Every single instructor is incredibly warm and highly energetic. Trust that they’ll take care of you and provide a really fun experience if you don’t get too much in your own head.

What is your favorite type of music to Sculpt to?
Katherine had a Beyonce “Lemonade” themed class that resulted in me trying to karaoke and express lunge at the same time – I do not recommend this. The jams were amazing though despite my lack of coordination. All the music at the House is really great and the instructors do a great job keeping playlists fresh.

Do you spend much time in the boutique?
I love browsing the boutique and checking out the new brands and styling of the gear. I’ll usually set a goal of number of classes I want to attend at the beginning of the month and if I hit that I’ll reward myself with something new and fun in the SculptHouse boutique – !

Look for Ashleigh in class and grab a spot next to her next time! If you’re newer to the SculptHouse workout she is a great person to glance over at while on the M3 and will also push you as a neighbor on the Curve each time because this girl’s Level 4 is no joke! Thanks for being a member, Ashleigh!

The SculptSquad

Every day is Green At SculptHouse with Human-Powered Machines

Although you may have not thought about it, SculptHouse’s workouts are completely GREEN! Both the M3 Megaformer and the Woodway Curve Treadmill are completely human-powered, making the workout not only earth-friendly but more effective for calorie and fat burn!

SculptHouse has the newest version of the Megaformer machine called the “M3.” The M3 is a strength training machine that uses a spring system to control resistance on hundreds of muscles in each move. Exercises are done slowly and with control to work the slow twitch muscle fibers. You are in total control of moving the machine and its unstable “carriage” surface. The carriage moves back and forth between the front and back platform, using the springs to pull or push against resistance. The resistance comes from choosing a number of spring combinations, ranging from around 5-180 lbs. This machine combines strength training with stability, core, flexibility, balance and cardio training all at the same time.

Unlike most treadmills, our treadmills are NOT plugged into a wall. The Woodway Curve is a human-powered, curved cardio machine that is endorsed by the NFL for its low-impact design and materials that provide an unparalleled cardio experience. Because there is no motor, you are in control of your speeds. There is no max speed on the Curve! When trying the Curve for the first time, you will feel the difference in the machine and the muscles you are using right away. Speeds, distance and calorie burn isn’t the same as a regular treadmill since you have to make it go. More muscles have to work since it relies on you! When we developed our method, we decided to build the Curve workout on Levels of exertion instead of speeds to make it a more personalized workout – making our CardioSculpt classes beneficial to walkers, joggers, runners and people of all ages and abilities.

SculptHouse prides itself on making each workout as effective and efficient as possible in just 50 minutes. Our signature CardioSculpt class combines slow twitch muscle fibers with fast-twitch muscle fibers for a lethal combination powered by your hard work. SculptHouse is the only studio in the world to combine these 2 state-of-the-art machines under one roof. GO GREEN at The House!

Happy Earth Day!
The SculptSquad

What Makes The SH Method Different From Any Other Method in The World?

In August 2015, I was officially hired as the Creative Director and Lead Trainer of SculptHouse. After my initial meeting with the founder & CEO, Katherine Mason, I knew she was on to something with her idea to combine strength training and cardio using human powered machines. Although we were excited to create a class where the M3 Megaformer and Woodway Curve were used together in 50 minutes, (we are the only studio in the world to combine them!) we had our work cut out for us! You might be wondering what these machines are all about…don’t worry I will give you the low-down!

The M3 Megaformer is the latest version of the Lagree Fitness machines. Although it is often confused with the pilates reformer, these machines are far from the same! Get long, lean muscles with Megaformer™ stability training. Utilizing a spring system that allows for a full range of motion with resistance and counter-resistance, the Megaformer targets every inch of your body with slow and controlled movements that strengthen and lengthen muscles. And you power every movement. Jumpstart your metabolism, increase your flexibility and improve your posture with the Megaformer – all with very little stress on your joints.

No buttons or motors—completely powered by human motion—the NFL-endorsed Woodway Curve us unlike any other treadmill you’ve ever used. Control your pace with the patented curved running surface and nearly frictionless slat belt system, a combination that engages more muscle groups—and burns 30% more calories—than traditional treadmills.

With a few months of trial and error in building the SculptHouse method (and lots of advise and input from fellow fitness professionals—thanks guys!) we developed SculptHouse’s signature workout, the CardioSculpt class! We also found our own flair with the typical 50 minute Lagree class style, which we call StrengthSculpt!

CardioSculpt combines an intense 25-minute strength workout on the M3 followed by 25 minutes of cardio blocks on the Curve. During the Megaformer we focus on targeting specific muscle groups on certain days of the week. For example – Mondays and Thursday will primarily focus on the core and muscles above the core (chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, lats). Tuesdays and Fridays will primarily focus on the core and muscles below the core (glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves). Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays will be an intense but quick full-body workout on the M3 using exercises that recruit several muscle groups at the same time.

The Cardio portion of the class is based on Levels of exertion versus speed or change in incline. This allows each person to get a personalized workout and accommodates all fitness levels so that walkers, joggers and runners feel empowered during their SculptHouse workout. The 25 minutes on the Curve are broken down into 5 minute blocks with active recoveries.

StrengthSculpt is a 50-minute full body workout on the M3. The workout will sculpt biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back, lats, obliques, glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves with a heavy emphasis on the core. StrengthSculpt is based on the traditional Lagree Fitness method classes on the Megaformer.

CurveCore is a shorter version of our signature CardioSculpt class, a quick 30-minute lunchtime burn combining 25-minutes of the Cruve with 5-minutes of intense core work on the Megaformer!

Come check us out if you haven’t already! First class is only $15! It won’t be long before your SculptIsShowing.