What to know when taking your first class

Like anything new, your first time can be intimidating, but our instructors are specifically trained with first timers in mind and we look forward to welcoming you in!


First timers MUST receive a full introduction to the method and machines prior to their first class, so please arrive 15 minutes early. If you are running late, please call to rebook your class. We are unfortunately not able to allow you in class if you do not get the First Timer Intro.


-Grip socks for the megaformer *required*

-Running shoes for the treadmill


Our Classes


Our signature method. Notice our schedule lists CardioSculpt Up, Down or 360. This determines what muscle groups we work on the Megaformer. *Core and obliques are always a part of a SculptHouse workout on the Megaformer :)

25 minutes cardio / 25 minutes strength training

Equipment Used: Treadmill and Megaformer

    House Schedule

  • Monday Full Body
  • Tuesday Lower body focus
  • Wednesday Full Body
  • Thursday Upper body focus
  • Friday Full Body
  • Saturday Full Body
  • Sunday Full Body


A total body strength training class on the Megaformer. This class does not include the Curve treadill.

50 minutes strength training

Equipment: Megaformer

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