Lagree Level 1 Certification + SculptHouse Academy

$ 3,000.00 USD


Join us to get officially certified in Level 1 Lagree and learn SculptHouse’s award-winning best practices for programming and Lagree instruction.  

All participants will receive a Level 1 certificate from Lagree Fitness through SculptHouse. Lagree Master Trainer and SculptHouse Founder & CEO Katherine Mason and SculptHouse Director of Education Brianne Stringham will lead the course so you will walk away with the knowledge to get started as a Lagree instructor or to elevate your current knowledge and skills. There are no prerequisites or requirements for participating. Anyone may join!

This course starts with a two day intensive where you will begin to master the basics and best practices of Lagree and SculptHouse. We continue supporting your learning journey after the weekend by providing tools for self study. The continued education and resources of the Lagree and SculptHouse video portals, the manual we give you and the ability to connect 1:1 to ask questions will offer support well beyond the weekend of learning.

Once you purchase the certification you will be locked in for the course. We will reach out a few weeks before the date to touch base and provide any information prior to the weekend. For any questions please email 


  • 2 day intensive 
  • Lagree Level 1 Manual to keep
  • Lagree Fitness Portal access
  • 2 months of SculptHouse Academy continued education database with videos, manual and teaching principals 
    • Continued access after 2 months can be purchased for additional cost per person
  • (1) One hour extra help call included each month of SculptHouse Academy access with SculptHouse Director of Education, Brianne Stringham

Course Agenda:

    • Principles of Lagree
    • Base Positions
    • Level 1 Lagree moves
    • Basic Pregnancy Modifications
    • SculptHouse Programming Best Practices (StrengthSculpt) 
    • SculptHouse Best Cueing Practices 


Testimonials on SculptHouse's Lagree Level 1 Certification:

“Katherine was very organized throughout the training and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Lagree.  I am so glad that I got certified at SculptHouse with Katherine as opposed to my other options! I feel that the certification was very thorough and that I now have a strong foundation of the Lagree principles, methods, and exercises.  With Katherine’s focus on form and the common base positions of standard Lagree moves, I feel that I can apply this to many Lagree exercises in the future.  Katherine’s Lagree certification will leave you feeling organized and prepared to dive further into Lagree! I cant wait to apply what she taught me to teaching someday.”  Jacqueline, Dallas

“I completed level 1 training with Katherine at her studio. It was so informative!!! I learned so much about the Lagree method, form, and body composition! Katherine gives you all the tools you need to succeed as a Lagree teacher. She reviews the most important concepts to differentiate you from a good Lagree instructor to a GREAT one. There was never a boring moment. I feel so confident after completing her training and can not wait to start teaching Lagree!”  Olivia, Dallas