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Although you may have not thought about it, SculptHouse’s workouts are completely GREEN! Both the M3 Megaformer and the Woodway Curve Treadmill are completely human-powered, making the workout not only earth-friendly but more effective for calorie and fat burn!

SculptHouse has the newest version of the Megaformer machine called the “M3.” The M3 is a strength training machine that uses a spring system to control resistance on hundreds of muscles in each move. Exercises are done slowly and with control to work the slow twitch muscle fibers. You are in total control of moving the machine and its unstable “carriage” surface. The carriage moves back and forth between the front and back platform, using the springs to pull or push against resistance. The resistance comes from choosing a number of spring combinations, ranging from around 5-180 lbs. This machine combines strength training with stability, core, flexibility, balance and cardio training all at the same time.

Unlike most treadmills, our treadmills are NOT plugged into a wall. The Woodway Curve is a human-powered, curved cardio machine that is endorsed by the NFL for its low-impact design and materials that provide an unparalleled cardio experience. Because there is no motor, you are in control of your speeds. There is no max speed on the Curve! When trying the Curve for the first time, you will feel the difference in the machine and the muscles you are using right away. Speeds, distance and calorie burn isn’t the same as a regular treadmill since you have to make it go. More muscles have to work since it relies on you! When we developed our method, we decided to build the Curve workout on Levels of exertion instead of speeds to make it a more personalized workout – making our CardioSculpt classes beneficial to walkers, joggers, runners and people of all ages and abilities.

SculptHouse prides itself on making each workout as effective and efficient as possible in just 50 minutes. Our signature CardioSculpt class combines slow twitch muscle fibers with fast-twitch muscle fibers for a lethal combination powered by your hard work. SculptHouse is the only studio in the world to combine these 2 state-of-the-art machines under one roof. GO GREEN at The House!

Happy Earth Day!
The SculptSquad

Katherine Mason