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Why it works

We like to think of our classes as a personal training session in a group fitness setting.

Our small class sizes allow you one-on-one attention from our trainers, who will push you and offer modifications based on your goals and fitness levels. We realize your needs are always changing. SculptHouse is a class that grows with you. Whether you are new or have been coming for years, a challenging sweat session that pushes your limits is always a guarantee at The House.

Our Classes


The most effective and efficient workout on the market.

We know your time is valuable, that’s why we created our Signature class. In 50 minutes you get it all in: 25 minutes of cardio intervals on the treadmill + 25 minutes of strength training on the modern pilates reformer. Target specific muscle groups with our CardioSculpt Up, Down and Core classes, or work your entire body in CardioSculpt360.

25 minutes cardio / 25 minutes strength training

Equipment Used: Treadmill and Modern Pilates Reformer

    House Schedule

  • Monday Full Body
  • Tuesday Core Down
  • Wednesday Full Body
  • Thursday Core Up
  • Friday Full Body
  • Saturday Full Body
  • Sunday Full Body


Total body toning using spring resistance.

Our 50 minute modern pilates workout focuses on activating small muscle groups through slow-paced, fat burning movements that lead to long, lean muscle development. This class does not incorporate the treadmill.

50 minutes strength training

Equipment: Modern Pilates Reformer

Sculpt 101

Designed for new clients who are looking for a little extra instruction on our machines, this 50 minute basics class will break down fundamental pilates moves and introduce you to our method on the Curve.

50 minutes strength

Equipment: Treadmill and Modern Pilates Reformer

Your workout, elevated

Our studios combine a cutting edge sound system with the therapeutic benefits of chromotherapy to create a stimulating sweat session that will leave you rejuvenated and energized.

Chromotherapy, also called color light therapy, is the process of restoring balance to the body by applying color. Many people use chromotherapy lights in an infrared sauna to achieve the wellness benefits of color light therapy. SculptHouse is the first fitness studio to use this technique during a group fitness class.

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