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About 3 years ago, a professor from Skidmore College’s Health and Exercise Sciences Department conducted a research study to “provide a better alternative to so many extreme exercise/fitness routines…that are too confusing and/or too excessive for most people to comply with.” Dr. Paul J. Arciero studied 3 different groups of people and found that the group that followed a “multimode routine” which included resistance training, interval sprint exercises, stretching and endurance training showed the greatest health improvements, “including the greatest reductions in body weight, total and abdominal fat mass…and the greatest increase in percentage of lean body mass.” Dr. Arciero basically came to the conclusion that greater results are seen when people focus on quality of exercise versus quantity.

The PRISE lifestyle program was born from this study – “a regimen of mixed exercise modes and sufficient daily protein for optimal health and fitness.” PRISE stands for:
“P” = protein (20-30 grams of healthy, lean protein about 4-6 times a day)
“R” = resistance exercise
“I” = interval exercise
“S” = stretching exercise
“E” = Endurance exercise
But who has the time to do all of these types of workouts 3-5 times a week?? Enter: SculptHouse.

At SculptHouse, we have taken this PRISE lifestyle program and incorporated everything (well…besides the protein!) under one roof in a short 50-minute workout. You no longer need to spin or run for an hour a day, plus lift weights and add in yoga for stretching. You can literally get all the benefits of these types of workouts during our CardioSculpt classes.

CardioSculpt is our signature class that combines 25 minutes of resistance training on the Megaformer with 25 minutes of interval training on the Woodway Curve Treadmill. The Megaformer is more than just resistance, however. Every move that is done on the Megaformer works slow twitch muscle fibers – the endurance fibers that burn fat and create long, lean muscles all while moving slowly and stretching the same muscles that are being worked using constant tension. It’s like getting 3 benefits on one machine and because the movements are done slowly and with intense control, the Megaformer is much kinder to your body and joints. Then comes the Woodway Curve – a human powered treadmill that is built on a slight incline using a slat belt system. Just 25 minutes of interval training on this cardio machine is all you need to elevate the heart rate and burn fat throughout your day because this machine burns up to 30% more calories than any other treadmill. And what’s even better, is that the design of the Curve is much better for your ankles, knees and hips than a traditional treadmill or doing intervals on a solid surface – just ask the NFL as they have used the Curve treadmill to rehab several of their million dollar employees because it is much gentler on your body.

Dr. Arciero stated in the PRISE article from DUKE Medicine in September, 2014, that “your exercise regimen needs to encompass as much of what makes you a fully integrated living person as possible. It’s very difficult to just lift weights, or only do the treadmill or the elliptical machine, and be healthy.” Well, I couldn’t agree more. It’s no secret that just one year ago I was teaching 12-14 spin classes a week. I was actually gaining weight and my body had lost any sort of tone it once had. I was literally doing too much of one thing but did not have the energy (after teaching 2-3 times a day) or time to lift or do the necessary cross training to get my body in the shape I so deeply desired. Recently, I have been asked by several people about my weight loss and body transformation. I can honestly say it is all thanks to SculptHouse and the combination classes we offer. I work out less during the week but the workouts I do are smarter and more effective in that they combine everything I need in a shorter period of time. This combined with plenty of protein has made a huge difference in my physical appearance as well as my energy levels.

The goal of SculptHouse is to combine resistance, strength, endurance and stretching on the Megaformer with interval training on the Curve for one killer workout – “a one stop shop” if you will. We are the very first studio IN THE WORLD to combine these 2 machines and take it from me, it works. We realize people have limited time in their day so if you can get all of this in one 50-minute workout, what’s stopping you??

Be Healthy,
Megan Armstrong
Creative Director and Lead Trainer, SculptHouse

Katherine Mason