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As a SculptHouse trainer, nutritionist, yoga instructor and founder of Kale & Tonice, Becky Cawood is always on the go to say the least! But she finds time to eat healthy, exercise her body and soul, and inspires people to do the same. You can catch her teaching StrengthSculpt Tuesdays at 7:15 and CardioSculpt on Wednesdays at 8:30 and 4:30pm…meet Becky!

As a trainer and our very own InHouse nutritionist, you know how important it is to fuel your body before and after you workout. How has your journey with nutrition affected and played a part in your fitness regimen?

Back when I was running in college, I was probably eating the worst I have ever eaten in my entire life. I would eat donuts for dinner, skip meals due to the times I would practice or the intensity of the workouts and refuel with whatever I could get my hands on, which often included microwaved dinners, packaged items and candy. I would also try to maintain a “certain weight” for running so I would not eat enough food during my meals. Needless to say, I would crash a lot.

Fast forward to now and knowing what I know through my own healthy journey with holistic nutrition and Ayurveda, I soon realized how important fueling your body (especially to perform a workout or even a daily task) really is. If I were to give advice to my 20-year-old track athlete self I would say, eat consistently, don’t skip meals and eat REAL food. Your body NEEDS food and trying to lose weight by not eating is not the way to go. If you feed your body what it needs, on a regular basis, it will know what to do with the excess stuff. These simple shifts would have made a huge difference in not only my performance, but my overall energy would have elevated as well.

Any favorite summer dishes or drinks to share?

Right now my favorite summer dish is this watermelon salad on my blog. It is very easy to make, and you can eat it by itself or add some grilled chicken, quinoa or fish for a little more substance! Get the recipe here:

How do you get ready each week when it comes to preparing food, then finding time to fit in your own workouts, teaching at SH and balancing your personal life?

I choose a day each week that I can shop and prep as though it was an important business meeting. I make a list of what I need and do the prep work to make sure I am able to stay committed throughout each day of the week. I also make it a priority. This is non-negotiable for me because it is easy to allow your diet/lifestyle to slip through the cracks. Each week I sit down and look at the week ahead. I schedule my meals & workouts as well. I have had to say no to certain events and jobs because I know how important eating well and creating balance is for my health and mental stability. It is a choice and commitment. I have to practice what I preach 🙂

What sets the SH method apart from other group classes?

The atmosphere & ability to expand. There are a lot of great fitness studios out there, but with the combination of high level teachers and quality workouts at SH and being able to cater to all levels; the results are fast & effective!

What’s your favorite Megaformer move? Favorite Curve block?

Gosh, this is hard. I would say on the Megaformer I love wheelbarrow or plank of any variation! They are such versatile, full body movements that challenge and strengthen the entire body! For the curve, I would say a good 10 second sprint or a build up!

What kind of music can we hear in your classes?

A good mix but I tend to lean toward remixes and techno!

What’s your favorite part about being part of the SculpSquad?

The squad & community. Working with the sculpt squad ladies that are committed to elevating our community push and inspire me to be better at what I do. The members are also committed to showing up and working hard which in turn makes me want to do the same.

Thanks Bex, we love you!

The SculptSquad

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