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Do you have a mantra or a motivational phrase you like to say in class or live by?

Your mind gives up so much faster than your body. Keep going!

What do you love the most about teaching at SculptHouse?

The clients! Everyone brings such a wonderful energy and attitude that makes it so fun to teach

How has SculptHouse impacted you?

As a type one diabetic who was formerly overweight, fitness holds such a special place in my heart. It does a lot for us physically, but I know first hand what it can do for you mentally. To be able to coach clients through a workout that might be the only hour they have to themselves that day and they get to leave feeling stronger and more empowered makes me love fitness and Sculpthouse endlessly!

What’s your playlist vibe?

Rhianna ALWAYS and some cardi B with a splash of EDM

What is it that you love about Lagree Fitness?

That muscle burn is like nothing else! You can target the muscles so well with such a low impact method. What could be better?

What is your favorite thing about the Woodway Curve?

So much better on your joints than a regular tread or running outdoors!

How do you think SculptHouse is different from other studios?

The CardioSculpt format is something you can’t find anywhere else. To be able to work on your cardiovascular health on the curve and then slow it down on the mega and force those muscles to stay under tension - that’s the good stuff

What’s one piece of advice you’d give anyone wanting to try the SH method but may be intimidated?

Everyone started somewhere. Every time will get easier. Be patient with yourself and the goal is never perfection. It’s a journey and enjoy the process!

What do you hope clients take away from their experience training with you at SculptHouse?

Just want them to feel strong and confident. A good workout can change the trajectory of your day or even week, so if I can play a small part in that then I’ve done my job well

What do you enjoy doing when you aren't working/training?

Working out, spending time outside with my husband and corgi, and traveling!