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Do you have a mantra or a motivational phrase you like to say in class or live by?

It only hurts for a second and we’re all getting stronger together

What do you love the most about teaching at SculptHouse?

I love having repeat clients in my classes and seeing them get stronger with each class

How has SculptHouse impacted you?

SculptHouse has impacted me by bringing me out of my comfort zone and also how I now train in my workout regimen. I never saw myself teaching group fitness classes, but the comfortability I felt from the classes and instructors shifted my mindset to start teaching. From a training aspect, I’ve been able to train smaller muscle groups that don’t always get attention in traditional strength training.

What’s your playlist vibe?

Electronic chill with big beat/bass drops

What is it that you love about Lagree Fitness?

I love that it is low impact with high intensity and your body isn’t stressed like traditional strength/weight training.

What is your favorite thing about the Woodway Curve?

Love that it’s self powered/controlled- it doesn’t take as long to speed up/slow down and it’s not miserable like a regular treadmill

How do you think SculptHouse is different from other studios?

CardioSculpt definitely sets us apart from others. There’s not many studios that offer cardio along with low impact strength training

What’s one piece of advice you’d give anyone wanting to try the SH method but may be intimidated?

Don’t be intimidated because we’ve all had our first class before. As long as you are actively listening to explanations and cues in class, we won’t let you fail

What do you hope clients take away from their experience training with you at SculptHouse?

It’s always going to be a challenge. I do my best to tailor my routines in a way it’ll be challenging for everyone in class regardless of how many classes they’ve taken.

What do you enjoy doing when you aren't working/training?

Playing with my dog, working out, spending time by the pool when it’s nice, or binging any true crime show