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Do you have a mantra or a motivational phrase you like to say in class or live by?
Hold yourself accountable, challenge yourself today and you'll see the benefits tomorrow.
What do you love the most about teaching at SculptHouse?
I enjoy the method but I also enjoy the community. The method because the detail put into making each move effective can really be felt when taught and initiated properly. How we teach a move in relation to the muscle group we are targeting, was well thought out and yields incredible results that I have witnessed both personally and from clients. I also believe we have some of the best members in our community. They love the method and work hard to challenge themselves. We have great positive relationships with our clients!
How has SculptHouse impacted you?
Working at SculptHouse has surrounded me with amazing women who have offered so much support and positivity that has carried me through the start of a new chapter in my life. I truly appreciate the women I have come to know while working at SculptHouse and they have given me confidence and stability in a new city.
What’s your playlist vibe?
Upbeat and colorful, I love nostalgic music that take people back to college, highschool, elementary school even and I mix it in with today's hottest hits.
What is it that you love about Lagree Fitness?
Controlled, slow pace moves that require more metabolic work by removing momentum. Without momentum, participants recruit muscle groups in a targeted fashion.
What is your favorite thing about the Woodway Curve?
How easy it is on the joints and how it ties in well with the strength training we do on the megaformer.
How do you think SculptHouse is different from other studios?
We have relationships with our clients and we take their fitness seriously. We love when they come to us with questions and comments because we believe in our method. Our method works best because we pay attention to details and we are quick to help so that everyone can experience the benefits.
What’s one piece of advice you’d give anyone wanting to try the SH method but may be intimidated?
We don't expect perfection, there is always room to grow in this method and we are only here to aid in that growth. Come see us with a great attitude and readiness to put in WORK.
What do you hope clients take away from their experience training with you at SculptHouse?
I am here to support you and I am here to share with you my training, knowledge, and passion for this method.
What do you enjoy doing when you aren't working/training?
Being outside with my husband. I love going on walks, hiking, and exploring this new city, finding places in different parts in our pocket of Atlanta.