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Hey SculptHouse! Meet your newest Lead Trainer, Aimee Urista from our Dallas location! We are so excited to have Aimee and her team bring CardioSculpt, Level 4s and all things Megaformer to SculptHouse’s fourth location, which is now open!

How did you get into teaching fitness and what is your background?

I got in to teaching fitness by taking so many classes.  There were so many things I wanted to teach people by taking and learning from instructors, that I decided to start teaching. My background really is being a workout enthusiast. I started to go to the gym with my parents in 8th grade. My mom became a fitness instructor when I was in college and I loved taking her classes.

What is it about the SculptHouse method that made you believe in being the one to help bring it to Dallas and how is it different than anything else you have taught?

The CardioSculpt combo – aka the SculptHouse method! And the SH brand in general is magnetic as well.  From the logo, to the colors of the studio, the gorgeous boutique and especially the people that make up the SH team. It truly is my wheelhouse–Lagree and the Woodway curve treadmill. This is similar to workouts I’ve done before at various studios on older equipment but now it’s under one roof, in one 50-minute workout with the most state-of-the-art high intensity/low impact machines! Dallas is going to become obsessed and not have to go from studio to studio to find the best workout. I have never taught these two concepts together so I am excited about the opportunity to help be the one to bring it to Dallas!

What is your favorite Megaformer move?

Any arm exercise-love working my upper body!

Favorite curve block?

I love 60 builds – you see each level in the block and it paces you to reach that max level for JUST long enough and then gives you enough time to recover and do it again!

What’s in your gym bag?

Lotion, patchouli, Santal 33 perfume, Tom Ford lip gloss, TeleTies hair ties, and Trader Joe’s peppermints.

What is Dallas going to love most about SH?

Our team making each client feel valued and special every time they walk in the door.

Best Dallas coffee shop, restaurant, outdoor spots, things to do?

Royal Blue Grocery hands down for best coffee.  Best restaurant is Jose and R&D Kitchen. Outdoor spots – Katy Trail IceHouse, Klyde Warren Park and the Rustic–anything outside.

We are also excited to bring the SculptHouse boutique to Dallas…what do you think people will like most?

Our exclusive EsseUtEsse shoes and a one stop shop to find everything you need–fashion forward clothing that isn’t offered anywhere else in Dallas.

What are you looking forward to the most as the new Dallas Lead Trainer?

To be the first to teach this kind of workout in Dallas.

You’re a mom to two gorgeous children but how do you balance that, being a wife and a full-time job?

Taking it day by day. I have a good support team, starting with my husband, and close friends that truly care about me. Honest relationships that help guide me as a wife, mom, and friend.

Thanks Aimee! We are so glad to have you on the team and can’t wait to have Dallas at The House!


The SculptSquad

Katherine Mason